Our mission at MiddleScholars is to create a community knowledge database culled from the student teacher interactions. We provide separate pathways of success to students of different academic preparations. We understand however, that such pathways must first be found before they can be personalized for students. This is where MiddleScholars comes in.

We create a self-sustaining personalizable learning network where students and teachers create, curate, and ride to success. We achieve our goal with a clever scheme that embeds within the teaching fabric, some highly ingenious active learning techniques that not only tap into the student’s intellect and creativity, but also generate personalized learning content that is as diverse as the students that generate it.

With MiddleScholars, a lot of learning paths that are created at one institution are useful at another. We thus aim to provide a paradigm shift which will be executed around the globe whereby students are empowered to take ownership of their academic journeys.